I’ve been married for 3 years…which makes me an expert, right? What I have figured out is that sometimes you need an outside voice to give clarity and perspective. This is true in marriage and it’s true in ministry.

Do you know something isn’t quite working in your lifespan ministry, but not sure what? Are you in constant search for volunteers? Is your program calendar feeling monotonous? I want to join you in identifying and addressing the assets in your context so that God’s awesomeness can be front and center.

Also, I’ll be frank. Well, I’ll still be Sandra, but is your church talking about how to get those millennials to your church? Guess what?!? I am one of those millennials. Invite me to the table (avocado toast optional) and let’s see what we can learn from one another about where God is calling you and your context in this season to reach out in our isolated world.

Curious? Send me an e-mail today to start the conversation!