I am a pastor’s kid who successfully failed at avoiding a life in ministry.

Curiosity is my fuel, and ministry is my vehicle (she says confidently after pursuing various degrees in Speech Pathology & Higher Education Counseling before finally saying Yes to the unique call God had for her at seminary).

From human development, to how escalators work, to how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Toostie-Pop, I am usually trying to figure out more about God’s amazing creation and our place in it.

With curiosity in the driver’s seat, I dream of a world in which the Church, and it’s teachings, equip humanity for the reality of life in this world, and an abiding hope in things unseen.

What if the Church, and it’s teachings, weren’t the cause of brokenness, but of lifelong learning rooted in unconditional love?

I think God is pretty awesome. I pray I can be a part of folks claiming, and reclaiming, the truth of God’s awesomeness in ways that are authentic, vulnerable, and at least, a little bit, quirky.

My social media feed will lead you to conclude that I like my dog, food, and my husband. These conclusions are true.

My call is to empower the amazing folk already engaged in ministry (full-time, part-time, and no-time), create resources for particular contexts, and opportunities for faith communities to collectively reflect on its vision for lifespan spiritual development.