33 Things I know for sure…for now.

Today marks 33 trips around the sun for me. So, here are 33 things I know as of right now in no particular order:

  1. God loves us more than dogs love us…which is hard to fathom.
  2. Massage therapy should be covered by health insurance.
  3. I believe in stinky cheese.
  4. Yet, I feel extra fancy eating Velveeta shells and cheese.
  5. If you are invited to a space of people who aren’t like you, do what you can to stay invited to that space.
  6. Most people’s guest room pillows are terrible.
  7. E-mails are not for expressing feelings.
  8. The story of Jesus changes my life daily.
  9. Purple Cottonelle toilet paper is superior.
  10. Leggings can, in fact, be pants.
  11. Food tastes better with good company.
  12. Pastors need pastors.
  13. There is a unique disappointment that occurs when you realize the dishwasher is full of clean dishes.
  14. Sitting together in silence is often the right thing to say.
  15. Children are wiser than we can comprehend.
  16. Get the expensive mattress.
  17. There is nowhere that God is not.
  18. N*SYNC will always be superior in my heart.
  19. Sometimes I can only express how I feel in interpretive dance.
  20. Red wine.
  21. It is never too late to apologize.
  22. Marry someone who wants you to be your best self, and loves your worst self.
  23. Local produce is delicious.
  24. Everyone needs an escape genre of literature.
  25. The best way to get a person talking is to say, “Tell me a story, it doesn’t have to be true.”
  26. Baths are not just for kids.
  27. Everyone was hurt by someone.
  28. Prayer is powerful.
  29. The only reason to consume tomato soup is to dip a grilled cheese.
  30. We lie when we tell teenagers that acne is just a phase.
  31. We are better when we show up together.
  32. Laughter and joy is resistance.
  33. Year 33 will be an entirely new adventure.

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