Second Saturday Super Supper Society

Several months ago I had an idea. What would it look like to do a monthly meal swap? Like, a cookie swap, but instead of leaving with 2 dozen cookies, you leave with 4 meals?

I love cooking. But I will admit, with busy schedules, and various tastebuds, it gets old and monotonous real quick. I had mentioned the idea of a meal swap to 3 other couples in our lives that we weren’t seeing as frequently as we all wanted. To my delight – everyone was on board!

What if once a month you batch cook something for 8 people, then swapped meals, so you walk a way with 4 total meals that are different? You could probably push it to 10 people/5 meals without much difference…but our dining table seats 8, so that’s how we arrived at our magic number.

Let me tell you-we officially kicked off in January, and it has been the. best. thing. ever. All the alliteration in the title is also the best.

We meet early for dinner to accommodate toddlers and pastors (basically the same, right?) We share a simple meal, enjoy each other’s company, and head our ways in time for kiddo bedtimes with four meals that we don’t have to prep.

I’ll admit, my top fear of moving to Memphis was not finding community outside of the communities we led as pastors.

But our little supper society is a community, a Church, that makes me full of gratitude.

We eat. We rotate being on kiddo watch. We share stories. It’s a community we are building together in the highs and lows.

Tonight, I am going to sleep full of food and full of spirit that is people can do good in this world, one meal at a time.

It’s Church. And in times like these, I’ll take Church in all its forms.

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