Bring back a surprise

The world feels like a lot right now. Realistically, it feels like a lot most of the time. It’s a good thing to bring a sense of normalcy in the anything but normalcy we find ourselves in.

Today, I went to Target and was checking in with Sam (the hubz) if he needed anything.

He told me a few things, then said, “And a surprise.”

This was Sam’s surprise from Target today:

Meet Terrance.

I’m not sure how this started, but selectively, when either one of us are shopping somewhere without the other, a surprise will be requested.

This has included anything from silly string, to flavor combination foods that should not exist, to a Frozen/Marvel themed item to, probably the best to date: Sam found one of those large glass water dispensers for $10. (And then a few months later I shattered it on the floor…which was terrible for several reasons).

We don’t have an explicit budget rule, but $10 is typically the max.

And, I love this about us. It adds a little fun to otherwise routine shopping. It makes me look long enough, thinking of what he would qualify as a surprise.

It’s nothing super fancy or interesting, but it’s a beautiful part of our normal.

What’s a part of your normal that is helping you in this season?

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