Thank you

Some days, you just need to have a long thank you prayer.

Thank you God for waking me up before my alarm – I ended up really needing those 30 minutes. Thank you for the amazing people who work behind the scenes at Funeral Homes who helped this pastor who couldn’t get her script to print. Thank you to the mentors who taught me how to be with people in the valley of death. Thank you family I walked with today for letting me shepherd you during your loss. Thank you friends of that family for showing up.

Thank you God for the sunshine. Thank you for the clear roads as I hustled to make it on time. Thank you for the women gathered to deepen their faith. Thank you for the honest session you allowed me to facilitate on self-compassion.

Thank you God for the best dog ever. Thank you for your inspiration as I wrote a sermon. Thank you for a home to tidy up. Thank you for take-out Chinese food. Thank you for baths. Thank you for candles.

And thank you for this day. Amen.

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