I am committed to helping you stay in love with what and who is yours to love.

Let’s (re)ignite your curiosity and passion for whatever it is that is only yours to do in this world. I want your spirit to feel a little more whole in this crazy world.

What I do:

1:1 Spiritual Coaching: Part spiritual direction, part life coach, part shenanigans where applicable. This resource does not have an age barrier – children and teens deeply benefit from this support, as well as adults.

Family Spiritual Health: Spiritual health happens best with a family system of support (however you define family!) I work with families to develop a personalized system of spiritual health that helps everyone thrive

Spiritual Health Hour: Every Friday at 11am CST join us for a dedicated time for YOUR spiritual health. All faith traditions welcome to this healing space. Get the link at bit.ly/spiritualhealthhour

Clergy Stuff: As an ordained minister through the United Church of Christ, with standing in the Disciples of Christ, I am honored partner with you for weddings, funerals, or other life transition rituals. I am also available for virtual and in-person pulpit supply and workshops.

Attempt to be TikTok Famous: I’ve spent enough time avoiding my own spiritual health by being on TikTok, I might as well bring my learnings to where the cool folx are.