Sandra Summers Ministry is committed to being Jesus’ energetic side kick to conspire, inquire, and inspire the Church.

The core of my ministry is igniting curiosity in others for the ways God is already moving. I want to help you use your unique spark to light up creation. My unique passion is joining those in lifespan ministry (children, youth, family, etc.) to harness God’s amazing power across the ages.

What I do:

Coach: If you are full-time, part-time, or no-time, I’d love to join you as your coach and cheerleader.

Consultant: Out of the box dreaming and discerning for the Church is what sets my heart on fire.

Writer: My passion is developing curriculum for local ministries that capitalize on your settings assets.

Preacher: Delving into our pages of ancient wisdom to inform our present realities is a joy of my ministry

Teacher: At the core of my ministry, I am an educator who is excited to develop workshops or other tools to enhance your ministry.